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Meet Dr. Sandy Wang

Doctor Background:

Dr. Sandy Wang graduated from Baylor College of Dentistry in 2001. As a person that values experience and learned skills, she did a post graduate year General Practice Residency (GPR) in Dallas at the VA Hospital to gain practical experience in a variety of dental needs across all age groups. At the VA, she trained under experienced endodontists, periodontists and prosthodontists, and gained experience in advanced dentistry techniques, including root canals, dental implants, surgery and sedation. She is certified in the use of IV sedation.

After 5 years of training and practical experience, in 2002 she began her professional work at two dental offices. In 2005 she opened her private practice in Plano, off Preston Road. The mark of her practice is quality workmanship and conservative care for the long term benefit for the patient. Dr. Wang fiercely defends her patient’s long term health by providing patient appropriate diagnosis.

During that time period, in addition to practicing dentistry, Dr. Wang also taught fourth-year dental students at Baylor. She enjoys the opportunity to help students learn skills that may not have been taught in dental school, and advocate a patient-centered approach to dentistry with a focus on striving for excellence. In the same spirit of giving back to the community, Dr. Wang took part in a medical mission trip to a remote area of Mexico.

All throughout this period, Dr. Wang found that she liked the endodontic procedures.  However her desire for excellence would prevent her from doing even simple procedures when she knew a specialist with valuable additional training would serve the patient needs best.

There are 2 year residency programs or 3 year programs for endodontics. After 4 years of dental school and 1 year of GPR, 3 years of Corporate Dental, and 5 years of Private Practice, Dr. Wang selected a 3 year residency program at UCSF to further hone her skills. There she met many residents that were fresh out of Dental School with no experience. In giving up private practice and becoming a student, Dr. Wang’s drive and determination helped her excel in her residency program. In addition she gained many mentors from the highest echelons of endodontics because they recognized her skillset competency.

Dr. Wang has returned to her home state Texas and has established Frisco PLLC to serves the local Frisco, McKinney, Prosper and Plano communities.

She believes that “your natural teeth are the best teeth”. While it is easy for any dentist to pull a tooth, put in an implant and crown, a specialist like an Endodontists saves the natural tooth.Dr. Wang is proud of her heritage, born in Seoul, Korea to a family originally from Shangdong, China. She and her family moved to Dallas when she was eight years old, and she grew up working for a restaurant established by her parents, who taught her the value of hard work, and the importance of pursuing an education. She chose dentistry in order to pursue a profession where she could excel, while maintaining a balanced family life. Dr. Wang is fluent in Mandarin and English, and also speaks some Korean.

When she is not treating patients, Dr. Wang enjoys spending time with her family and running. She participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a five-kilometer race for Breast Cancer in 2008 and completed her full marathon in 2008.

Doctor Background: